Dating med Constrictor fra Vejle -
Dating med Constrictor fra Vejle -

72 år, Vejle

Dating: Constrictor fra Vejle
Constrictor er single, skriv besked for en date

I am a retired secondary schoolteacher. I taught latin (my MA), english (BA) and classical civilisation (BA). I am a bit of a poet and writer. I contribute short articles to my local newspaper and I have a number of poems (mainly in english) lying in the memory of my computer. Only a few have been published since it is difficult to publish english poems in Denmark. I have also written a still unpublished novel in danish.
I spend much of my time reading, mainly philosophy. I consider myself a platonist, a pupil of Plato himself and his disciple Plotinus ( 3rd century A.D.).
I also like the relaxed conversation in the pubs of this town (a town of roughly 60.000 inhabitants) and I never drink at home or on my own.
I am a practicing roman catholic. I converted from lutheranism already in 1971 due to the fact that Luther taught many doctrines (such as we don´t have a free will) I never agreed with.



52 år, Vejle Øst

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